Capture 2023 MVR Improvements

Posted March 14, 2023  ‐ 1 min read  ‐ Categories: GDTF, MVR, Capture

MVR improvements in Capture 2023

New release of Capture, the Capture 2023, brings several improvements to it’s MVR implementation:

  • More precise placement of fixtures (moving heads, conventionals…) into the scene is now ensured thanks to a compensation for different points of origin between Capture and MVR.

  • During import of MVR, Capture reads the GDTF of each included GDTF fixture, gets DMX modes and channels information and based on the channel count for each mode chooses a fixture from the Capture library based on this information.

  • When exporting an MVR file, number of channels for used DMX mode (based on the information read before) is added to a placeholder GDTF file which Capture creates inside this MVR export. This allows better experience for software which will further work with this MVR file. While this is a good improvement, it would be much better if Capture exported the MVR with correct GDTFs, so subsequent software can make better use of it. This could be done either by adding the originally imported GDTF back into the MVR or by getting each GDTF from the GDTF Share.

  • During (MVR) import, Capture will create DMX universes based on the DMX patch of the fixtures in the MVR.