GDTF Share Fixture Library Added to the GDTF Bench Online Tool

Posted July 26, 2023  ‐ 2 min read  ‐ Categories: GDTF, GDTF Share

The comparing and benchmarking GDTF Bench tool has been updated to be able to load GDTF Files directly from the GDTF Share, allowing fast and easy device and device file comparison.’s own GDTF Bench tool has been updated to provide direct integration with the GDTF Share - the online public repository of GDTF files.

GDTF Share file filter selection toggles and device tags
GDTF Share file filter selection toggles and device tags

This integration provides an easy to use selection and fast loading of GDTF files into the GDTF Bench tool. Set of smart toggles to see manufacturer only or user created files is available, together with custom sorting and a list of tags, denoting the manufacturer, author, date, size and other aspects prior to downloading.

About GDTF Bench: GDTF Bench provides a new, unique way to compare GDTF described entertainment devices based on more then 90 attributes and properties including for example weight, electrical connections or speed of movements.

GDTF Bench tool
GDTF Bench comparison screen

For designers, operators and event planners: this is a fast and simple way to see properties of fixtures and to observe the quality of the provided GDTF files.

For GDTF files authors: this provides a valuable direct feedback and an opportunity to spot issues which often surface only when compared to another device. GDTF authors can also take advantage of the Differ tool of the GDTF Bench, which allows them to see raw XML differences for example when a user uploaded modified file into the GDTF Share.

The local processing nature of the GDTF Bench ensures that when GDTF files are loaded from local disk, data is not sent to any server, providing the opportunity to view and compare work in progress or unreleased GDTF files in a private way.