GDTF/MVR Improvements in grandMA3 Version

Posted October 5, 2023  ‐ 2 min read  ‐ Categories: GDTF, MVR, MA Lighting

Latest version of the grandMA3 software contains several interesting GDTF and MVR related improvements including changes to the pigtail geometry, new visualized gobo attributes or better graphics rendering.

Bugfix Version of the grandMA3 software brings many new features, improvements and bugfixes. Here are some which are related to GDTF/MVR, further improving the user experience:

  • The default mesh of a pigtail has changed. The pigtail of a fixture is now visualized as a cyan cube. The visualization of pigtails can be disabled in the window settings of the 3D viewer. Find the property “Show Pigtails” in the “Misc”-tab.

  • The attribute Gobo*PosShake was not visualized. This bug is fixed.

  • Gobo Rotation (Gobo*PosRotate) was not visualized correctly in both directions in onPC running on Apple with M1 chip. This bug is fixed.

  • There would be a position offset between the origin of the beam and the lens if the property “Multi Led Beam Mode” of a Render Quality was set to “Single Beam Mean Color” or “Single Beam Dynamic Gobo” in some cases. This bug is fixed and the origin of the beam does not move any longer when moving the head of a fixture using the tilt.

  • Fixture types with a complex geometrical structure would not display lens geometries in some cases if several DMX modes referenced the same geometrical chain. This bug is fixed.

  • If grandMA3 onPC Windows ran on stations equipped with Radeon RX- 5000 / 6000 graphics card series, the beams would not be properly displayed in 3D. This bug is fixed.

  • Set fixture types were exported to MVR using wrong dimensions from the internal fixture library. This bug is fixed.

These are solid, steady improvements to the GDTF/MVR system on the grandMA3 platform. You can see the complete Release notes here.