GDTF/MVR Improvements in grandMA3 Version

Posted March 16, 2024  ‐ 2 min read  ‐ Categories: GDTF, MVR, MA Lighting

This release of grandMA3 software presents lots of new functionalities and workflow additions for many different applications, and it includes improvements also on GDTF/MVR side of things.

Version of the grandMA3 software comes out with several enhancements, improvements and fixes. Here are some which are related to GDTF/MVR, further improving the user experience:

  • Improved the geometries: The beam types PC, Fresnel, and Glow were added to the Beam Types property of a beam geometry according to the GDTF DIN SPEC 15800:2022. PC and Fresnel are visualized the same as Wash in the 3D Viewer, while Glow is visualized as None.

  • Improved Channel Functions: The custom names of the Channel Functions are now forced to be unique for each Logical Channel.

  • An error message is displayed in the Show Conflicts pop-up of the fixture type editor if a channel function cannot be controlled because the maximum number of channel functions in the show file has been exceeded.

  • The MVR-xchange feature allows to connect several devices, for example, grandMA3 console, Visualizers, and CAD software, in order to exchange the data via MVR directly by using a network connection.

  • glTF meshes could have incorrect position offsets when using the internal mesh offsets of glTF files. This bug is fixed.

  • The fixture type library displayed a blank manufacturer name and blank fixture name if the fixture type description contained the special characters “<” or “>”. This bug is fixed.

You can see the complete Release notes here.