Seemles MVR Workflow With Open Source Tools

Posted August 29, 2023  ‐ 1 min read  ‐ Categories: GDTF, MVR, BlenderDMX, BlinderKitten

Following Industry Leaders, Open Source Tools Also Embrace MVR Workflow: Streamlining Efficiency in BlinderKitten and BlenderDMX Integration

Open Source tools are now jumping on the MVR bandwagon, here is what an efficient MVR Workflow looks like: get an MVR file from one of the software that support it and simply open it in lighting console and a visualizer:

Import of MVR works well from Capture, Vectorworks or Production Assist and most likely from other MVR capable software. And while at the moment the visualization is not approaching real production quality, it is interesting.

Current version of BlenderDMX's has a reasonable enough GDTF import and supports colors (RGB, CMY), zoom, movement (pan, tilt), strobe, and dimmer and easily opens glb/3DS models with GDTF geometry-references, materials and so on. Where it struggles at the moment is number of beams and mainly models rotation. It is also not utilizing the physical real world measurements provided in GDTF definitions. There seems to be work in progress which is applying rotation correctly, enhances the UI, and makes the code more modular which in the future could unlock more additions like support for physical values or custom shaders for gobo projections.

We featured BlinderKitten recently so it doesn’t need an introduction, let’s just add that it freshly added Perlin filter effect:

BlinderKitten perlin animation filter
Perlin effect, Image from community forum, courtesy of Norbert Rostaing