This documents describes MVR v1.5. You may want to view the latest version 1.6.

Generic value types

Here is a list of the available types for node or attribute values.

Generic Value Types

Here is a list of the available types for node or attribute values:

Value Type NameDescription
IntegerA signed or unsigned integer value represented in base 10. Uses a dash ‘-’ (U+002D) as a prefix to denote negative numbers
Eg 15 or -6
FloatA floating point numeric value represented in base 10 decimal or scientific format.
Uses full stop ‘.’ (U+002E) to delimit the whole and decimal part and ’e’ or ‘E’ to delimit mantissa and exponent.
Implementations shall write sufficient decimal places to precisely round-trip their internal level of precision.
Infinities and not-a-number (NaN) are not permitted.
Eg 1.5, 3.9265e+2
StringAny sequence of Unicode codepoints, encoded as necessary for XML.
Eg The following XML encodings (with their meaning in brackets):
&lt; (<), &amp; (&), &gt; (>), &quot; ("), and &apos; (’)
UUIDA UUID to RFC4122 in text representation.
The nil UUID (all zeros) is not permitted.
VectorThree Float values separated by ‘,’ defining a 3D vector’s X, Y, and Z components.
Eg 1.0,2.0,3.0
FileNameThe case-sensitive name of a file within the archive.
The filename must not contain any FAT32 or NTFS reserved characters.
The extension is delimited from the base name by full stop ‘.’ and the base name shall not be empty.
It is recommended to limit filenames to the POSIX “Fully Portable Filenames” character set: [A-Z], [a-z], [0-9], the symbols ‘_’ (U+005F), ‘-’ (U+002D) and a maximum of one ‘.’ (U+002E)
Eg My-Fixture_5.gdtf
CIE ColorCIE 1931 xyY absolute color point.
Formatted as three Floats x,y,Y
Eg 0.314303,0.328065,87.699166