Documentation Resources for GDTF

Posted June 25, 2024  ‐ 2 min read  ‐ Categories: GDTF

Planning to Create and Share GDTF files? Here is a handy list of documentation resources.

GDTF Builder

👷 GDTF files are created in the free to use GDTF Fixture builder - a web based editor to create and modify GDTF files.

There are several documentation resources for the GDTF Builder:

GDTF Share

🎁 The GDTF Share is a platform for the exchange of GDTF files. It provides a central repository, connected with a GDTF file editor, for upload, search and download of GDTF files, with powerful filtering and management system for users and GDTF files creators.

  • GDTF Share manual - explains how to create a free account, how to navigate the GDTF Share and how to upload, manage and download GDTF files.

Other resources for the GDTF Specification

💡 The GDTF Specification is the text of the DIN SPEC 15800:2022-02 also known as GDTF Version 1.2.