GDTF: The General Device Type Format is an open standard for describing devices of the entertainment industry. These devices may be lighting fixtures, trusses, distribution boxes, media servers, lasers or other devices used in the entertainment industry. This documentation describes DIN SPEC 15800:2022-02 also known as GDTF Version 1.2.

MVR: The My Virtual Rig file format is an open standard which allows programs to share data and geometry of a scene for the entertainment industry. A scene is a set of parametric objects such as fixtures, trusses, video screens, and other objects that are used in the entertainment industry. This documentation describes DIN SPEC 15801:2023-12 also known as MVR Version 1.6.

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GDTF Color import in Eos PSA by Mark LaPierre

Mark Lapierre is being hopeful for one day to be able to import GDTF color configuration data into Eos, but for now, he concludes, here is just a PSA that at the moment this is not implemented by ETC.

Posted April 17, 2024  ‐ Categories: GDTF

GDTF in NEO v4 by Wilson Torres

Wilson Torres has published a video tutorial explaining GDTF and MVR, where he also goes through a complete process of how to work with GDTF files in NEO v4 consoles by Vari-Lite.

Posted April 12, 2024  ‐ Categories: GDTF, MVR

Astera Releases GDTF Collection For Their Lighting Devices

Astera has joined the group of nearly 50 manufacturers actively supporting the General Device Type Format (GDTF) and has released official manufacturer-backed GDTF files for its lighting devices. These files are now available on their GDTF Manufacturer page.

Posted April 6, 2024  ‐ Categories: GDTF

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Describing devices of the entertainment industry

DMX Modes

Fixtures can have many modes which change its available capabilities. These are all specified in a single file.

Channel Mappings

Channel mappings available in the fixture are associated with which values produce which responses.

Color & Gobo wheels

Bundled image files provide gobo patterns and color mappings define virtual or physical color wheels.

Fixture Geometry

Bundeled glTF, glb or 3DS files specify the specific geometry of lighting fixtures. Fixture functions are tied to these models.

Color Information

sRGB, ANSI standard, and ProPhoto values can be used to specify the calibrated color space of the light.

Physical properties

Power consumption, weight, operating temperature, and more specify the physical properties of a fixture.

Describing the entertainment scene

Scene description

Scenes are organized into groups, layers and child lists of objects with custom classing, positions, rotations, geometries, addresses and connections.

GDTF Fixture

Using the GDTF Specification, detailed description of lighting fixtures, trusses, distribution boxes, lasers and other devices is possible.

Symbol reuse

Objects can be defined as symbols and inserted into the scene multiple times with instance specific properties.

MVR xchange

MVR-xchange - allows multiple clients within the same network to share MVR files.