MVR Nearing Final Version for DIN Spec

Posted June 7, 2023  ‐ 2 min read  ‐ Categories: MVR

The MVR format, which enables programs to share data and geometry for a scene, is nearing its final shape for DIN Spec.

The specification for MVR (My Virtual Rig) file format has been undergoing accelerated development since early spring and now it appears to be nearing completion for the DIN Spec process. If you are interested in implementing MVR or improving your existing implementation, it now seems the perfect time to review the draft and provide feedback.

The finalization work is being carried out on GitHub, specifically in the Prep MVR DIN Spec pull request, which includes more them 50 commits. In addition to clarifications to the specification itself, there has been significant cleanup and reorganization of the content.

Communication Format Definition

New significant component of MVR is the rapidly evolving MVR-xchange communication format. Its primary purpose is to enable on-demand, quick, and easy exchange of changes to an MVR file within a venue or event, eliminating the need for physical media such as USB sticks.

The communication format uses mDNS (Multicast DNS) for network discovery, followed by the WebSocket Protocol for communication between various parties, including control consoles, planning tool computers, and cloud storage providers. The latest commits to the MVR document provide a detailed description of each step in the discovery and communication process.

As mentioned earlier in this post, now is an opportune time to review the draft, contribute to its improvement, and provide valuable feedback.