Annex A. Object ID for Selection purposes

Object ID for Selection purposes

Annex A. Object ID for Selection purposes (informative)

In order to control or reference, all objects in the MVR Spec have human readable object IDs. For this both the FixtureIDNumeric and the CustomId is used. The FixtureIDNumeric is a generic name pool that applies to all objects. All FixtureIDNumerics should be unique in one scene, so that objects can be selected without collisions.

The CustomId has a similar approach, but allows you define the pool type for the numbers as well. An object can so report that it is a Pyro device, and in the Pyro ID Pool it has the number 100.

Normally FixtureIDs are numeric to allow range selection. For Descriptive display on plots, some tools also append a letter like # or A before the FixtureID. A lot of tools have a concept of selecting objects with a range. Like 100 thru 200. So the Numeric portion of the FixtureID should be placed into the FixtureIDNumeric field.

A similar concept is the multipatch. Sometimes you want to group multiple objects behind the same FixtureIDNumeric or CustomId. This can be objects of the same GDTF Type, but not forced to be. When you select the FixtureIDNumeric or CustomId from the multipatch parent, all objects that reference this object in multipatch parent should also be selected.