AJ Pen On Communication Through Illustration: 'The Book' For 'My Chemical Romance' reunion tour

Posted August 4, 2023  ‐ 2 min read  ‐ Categories: Vectorworks, MVR, Capture, Robe Lighting

In this webcast recording, AJ Pen shares his knowledge and practical tips (including MVR and his 'book' concept) that enable him and his team to turn the abstract of the design into a wonderful show.

AJ Pen, president and principal designer at Penlight, goes through the overall design document for the My Chemical Romance “Foundations” tour 2022-23. The webcast explores the unique process that sits at the fulcrum between the abstract of the design and its implementation.

During the talk AJ Pen explains the concept of ‘The book’- a collection of illustrations intended for everyone to peruse, from the artist and their management to the production manager and their vendors, to wrap their heads around the performance space as the idea heads toward engineering and fulfillment. See The complete book here as a pdf.

AJ Pen uses Vectorworks's Spotlight and Vision for the drawing and visualization and illustrates the powerful usefulness that MVR gives him to share data with other applications like Capture, Depence or Carbon for Unreal.

He continues to point out reasoning for choices of the lighting equipment which also includes Robe’s RoboSpot system (GDTF Bench ) with Robin BMFL FollowSpot (GDTF Bench ), or the Martin’s Mac Ultra Performance (GDTF Bench ). You can explore features of each of the device by opening it in the GDTF Bench Online as per the provided links. Here is the full gear list.

The webcast might only be available for some 6 months, so make sure to watch it before it disappears.