GDTF Group Releases GDTF and MVR libMVRgdtf Library 9.0.6 to the Public

Posted February 8, 2024  ‐ Categories: MVR, GDTF

GDTF group has made a public release of the libMVRgdtf library - a software code which allows software authors and companies to implement and utilize GDTF and MVR in their products in a convenient way. libMVRgdtf has previously been available on request but now it has been released to the general public, allowing wider adoption of the GDTF and MVR DIN recognised formats. The MVR-xchange communication protocol is also included in the library. The library has been battle tested and used in other projects and is released with a liberal software licence, allowing usage in commercial, closed source projects. is publishing documentation for the libMVRgdtf in a searchable, user friendly way here.