BlenderDMX release 1.0.0 Vanilla

Posted March 4, 2023  ‐ 2 min read  ‐ Categories: GDTF, MVR, BlenderDMX

Release of BlenderDMX.

A new version of the Blender based visualization tool, BlenderDMX has been released, announcement here.

BlenderDMX is a Blender based tool to visualize DMX lighting systems. The lighting devices are using GDTF definitions and can be controlled via sACN, Art-Net or via an internal programmer.

This new update brings the possibility to use much wider range of devices in BlenderDMX, as the new implementation lifts an old restriction for parts of the fixtures having a fixed, predefined name. Lighting rigs can now also be designed in systems that export MVR, allowing designers to share designs between different tools. See the Importing MVR into BlenderDMX article for video of the workflow.

The 1.0 release of BlenderDMX also brings many other new features like support for glTF 3D models, pixel control, virtual channels or GeometryReference based fixtures.

Here is the listing of changes from the release page:

Change Log

🪄 New Features:

  • Load glTF models
  • Initial Zoom support
  • Initial ColorSub_C/M/Y support
  • Pigtail settings
  • Show DMX channel count in list of DMX Modes
  • Live DMX Table
  • Pixel Control
  • Initial MVR support
  • Initial sACN support

🪲 Bugfixes:

  • Render method moved to a Timer, to avoid segfaults
  • Avoid running atexit handler
  • Improved error handling
  • Fix crash when loading DMX Macros
  • Fix ColorAdd_R/G/B support
  • Improved error handling
  • Fix off-by-one error of ArtNet

🔨 Technical Improvements:

  • Improved pygdtf library
  • Improved logging
  • Refactored model loading