BlinderKitten: Illuminating the Future of Open Source Live Event Lighting

Posted August 25, 2023  ‐ 1 min read  ‐ Categories: GDTF, MVR, BlinderKitten

BlinderKitten is a modern, fast, multiplatform lighting software with remote controllability via OSC and MIDI, supporting GDTF and MVR, all made accessible under the GPL license.

In the electrifying realm of live events and theater, Norbert Rostaing, a prolific developer and lighting connoisseur, has forged an open source tool for lighting professionals and enthusiasts: BlinderKitten.

Powered by the JUCE framework and enriched by OrganicUI, BlinderKitten boasts a user-centric interface, ensuring intuitive and reliable control — a true asset in fast-paced environments.

BlinderKitten UI
BlinderKitten UI

BlinderKitten dances with external controls via MIDI, OSC, and Art-Net, giving designers the reins for real-time adjustments.

MIDI connection
Image from community forum, courtesy of Norbert Rostaing

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. BlinderKitten’s integration of GDTF format unlocks the software’s versatility by providing instant access to over 4285 fixture files from the GDTF Share.

And with MVR import capability, scenes from Capture, Vectorworks, Production Assist and more platforms seamlessly merge into BlinderKitten’s environment. BlinderKitten further extends this functionality by providing 2D views generated from the MVR 3D scene.

Layout view
Layout view

The software boasts a thriving community that contributes through testing, documentation, and also financially via platforms like Patreon and PayPal.

It’s invigorating to witness fresh projects embracing GDTF and MVR, both in commercial and non-commercial spheres. When enthusiasts transition into the professional entertainment industry, they’re well aware of the path toward seamless workflows.