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  • GDTF Bench Online - viewer, toolbox and comparator for GDTF files. Browser based and private - locally loaded GDTF files are not sent anywhere, all processing is local, in the web browser. Can also conveniently load files directly from the GDTF Share.

  • MVR Artist Online - Updater of GDTF files inside MVR scene. Browser based and private.

Manufacturers providing GDTF files for their devices

42 device manufacturers, alphabetical order:

ACME, ADJ, Anolis, ARRI, Ayrton, Blizzard Lighting LLC, BOS Lighting, Briteq, Cameo, Chauvet Professional, Clay Paky, Creamsource, DTS Lighting, Elation, Fiilex, flashPRO, GLP, GSARC, GTD lighting, High End Systems, ITOPLITE, JB-Lighting, Lightline, Litepanels, Lucenti, Martin Professional, MegaLite, Minuit Une, Portman Lights, Prolights, Quasar Science, Robe Lighting, Robert Juliat, Roxx, SGM Light, Spotlight, StopsMops, Strand, Terbly, Trolley, Vari-Lite, zactrack Lighting Technologies.

Projects using GDTF and MVR

52 projects in alphabetical order, 52 filtered out:

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