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  • GDTF Bench Online - viewer, toolbox and comparator for GDTF files. Browser based and private - locally loaded GDTF files are not sent anywhere, all processing is local, in the web browser. Can also conveniently load files directly from the GDTF Share.

  • MVR Artist Online - Updater of GDTF files inside MVR scene. Browser based and private.

Manufacturers providing GDTF files for their devices

49 device manufacturers, alphabetical order:

ACME, ADJ, Anolis, ARRI, Astera LED Technology, Ayrton, Blizzard Lighting LLC, BOS Lighting, Briteq, Brother Brother and Sons, Cameo, Chauvet Professional, CKC Lighting, Clay Paky, Creamsource, DTS Lighting, Elation, ETC, Fiilex, flashPRO, GLP, GSARC, GTD lighting, High End Systems, Ioversal, ITOPLITE, JB-Lighting, Lightline, Litepanels, LSC Control System, Lucenti, Martin Professional, MegaLite, Minuit Une, OhFX, Portman Lights, Prolights, Quasar Science, Robe Lighting, Robert Juliat, Roxx, SGM Light, Smode Tech, Spotlight, StopsMops, Terbly, Trolley, Vari-Lite, zactrack Lighting Technologies.

Projects using GDTF and MVR

61 projects in alphabetical order, 61 filtered out:

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